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Do you want wedding portraits? We do that. We actually do much more than that. We focus on your entire wedding day. The story from slipping on the dress in the morning to the fading out of the sparklers in the evening. Our goal? Giving you a lovely wedding album to sit and hold and look at on your 1 year anniversary, your 10 year anniversary, and God willing, your 60th anniversary!

Wedding photography costs start at $1800.00 and includes a photobook. (take a peek at our Albums!) Click Contact Me to schedule a time to meet and sip coffee and talk gorgeous wedding details!


Boy meets girl. No two stories are that simple or that short! There is so much more detail! Did he serenade you with a song? Did you train for that marathon together, hour after long hour of pounding pavement? Did you choose your first puppy together? Did you picnic every weekend? Let's not just do photos standing in a sunlit scene, let's tell your story.

Portrait Photography sessions start at $200.00 with a variety of print product options available. Click Contact Me to talk about what kind of session you'd like!


High School. Wow. Cringe. Best Days Ever! and please just let the floor open up and make me disappear. What a time for change! So much personal and academic growth is accomplished! Reward your graduate with a beautiful senior portrait session. Announce graduation with style!

Senior Portrait Sessions start at $200.00 and include a photobook. Click Contact Me to schedule your senior session!


I attended a parenting class a few years ago - not sure if I graduated with honors - the jury is still out - but I did learn a lot! The instructor emphasized the importance of building family identity. Letting each child know how important they are to you, letting each family member know they are not alone but part of a team, letting each person feel secure and important in that unit. Family Photos celebrate that bond.

Portrait Sessions start at $200.00 and include a photobook. Click Contact Me to book your family session!


Blurry cell phone photo of you at the beach? Not exactly a professional image. Who is going to see these photos and why are they looking you up on Linked In?? Maybe it's time to take a nice headshot - not too corporate, not too glamour, just you. Normal. Great looking. Witty even. Let's try it out and see what we get.

Headshot Portraits start at $100.00. Click Contact Me to book your session!


"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time, they just have the heart" Elizabeth Andrew

There are personal events, like weddings, and then there are the other celebrations - the milestones, the heart felt causes, the party like it's your birthday events. All awesome. All wanting to be remembered.

Low cost or no cost event photography services are available to a limited number of charities each year. Contact me for more information.

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Shalimar Country Club Wedding

Joanna you are beautiful inside and out. This shows through in your photography. You are a true professional. I can't imagine having anyone else do my wedding photos. Thank you so much!

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