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For years I shared my personal life on a blog - this was before texting and instagram and facebook - I wanted my Mom to see everything that was happening with her grandkids. She wasn't on social media so I'd recap our life and post on my website. My kiddos were my very first photography subjects and my favorite subjects!! Though they have grown into reluctant models (they are now teens and early twenties), they are still my favorite folks to spend time with and I'll be sharing our adventures here!

Searching for Fall

We wanted to see some fall color and ventured up Mt Lemmon - Bear Wallow was said to be perfect but the rough dirt road deterred our little Prius so we opted to continue on up to Marshall Gulch area. We left early in the morning - I had a family session schedule for the afternoon - and the reward for our morning trek was this gorgeous cloud in the mountain! It was magic - my son and niece scrambled Geology Point or Geology Vista - idk the name - but every vista was quite stunning in the fog!

Hike Stats

  • We hiked Marshall Gulch / Aspen Trail Loop
  • It took us a little less then 2.5 hrs
  • There is a decent amount of elevation gain but it was manageable with periods of rest and flatter areas between.
  • The junction where Marshall Gulch trail meets Aspen Trail is well marked and it was easy to see which way to go.
  • Bring cash for the fee - I believe it's $8 or 10 - there is a self pay box by the restroom in the Marshall Gulch parking lot right near the trailhead.

Our Review

  • Great vegetation variety, deciduous trees, pines, and the aspen grove.
  • We missed peak fall color but in the future this trail will be a must earlier in the fall and actually many times during the year.
  • The open views were amazing.
  • I'm not that fit and my son is very fit and enjoys trail running - all of us enjoyed this trail for the variety it provided. It's correctly labeled Moderate.
  • If you like replenishing your carbs after a hike - hit up the Cookie Cabin or like we did - the Eeegee's on Speedway for some Buffalo Ranch Fries :)