HEADSHOTS for goal setters

Actors & Models

Book that next gig!


Personal branding sessions for creatives! Shot list planning, styling, prop assistance and direction provided!


Headshots for realtors, lawyers, physicians, dentists - what's your industry??

Corporate Groups

Celebrate your team with a consistent look!

“Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things will always work out.”

Corporate Team Headshots

Headshot sessions for companies, groups & leadership teams. Quick easy scheduling - slot in a bit of time during the next company retreat or team day for team headshots. Great for a consistent look on the company website or on the photo wall in the office. Highlight your professionals when posting online! and let's face it - Bob in accounting's LinkedIn pic is a cell phone image from that Vegas conference we don't talk about . . . let's treat him to an updated look!


How long is a headshot session?

Sessions vary - with corporate teams, we typically get the shots needed in less then 10 minutes per person. For personal headshots - a 30 minute headshot session is enough time for 2 changes of clothes (add a blazer or swap out a shirt/tie etc) giving you a variety of options. Longer personal branding sessions can last a few hours with multiple changes of clothes and the location changes needed to achieve a versatile quality set of branding images for months of content creation or marketing work.

What should I wear?

Neutral or solid colors work best - these don't detract from your face and wont compete with website or other marketing graphics that may feature your image. If you opt for a pop of color, bring a blazer or another option that is neutral for added variety.

Where do you shoot - in studio or on location?

Most headshot sessions are shot on location around Tucson. If needed, portable backdrops are available in white / black and gray. For on site corporate groups, solid backdrops and lighting set up are brought to your site and photos are done there for ease of group scheduling.

Will you help me pose?

Absolutely! We'll use posing that feels comfortable and natural to you and yes I'll tell you want to do with your hands!

Can you Photoshop me??

Yes I can but I generally don't :) (or if I do you wont notice!) I'm a firm believer our headshots should be recognizable and natural and will use posing and lighting to achieve flattering looks straight out of camera. I'll clean up any temporary "issues" - pimples, stray hair, distracting wrinkles in clothing, etc Once your gallery is delivered, if you'd like additional photoshop work done on a specific image you'd like to use, I'll touch that image up - I want you to have something that you love!

Headshot Pricing & Packages

the LinkedIn

No nonsense, classic headshot session - either on location or with solid gray/black/white backdrop


Personal Branding Headshots

Launch your brand with classic beautiful images! Show people what you do - create brand authenticity by putting the face behind the brand front & center!

starting at $250

Corporate Headshot Group Package

For organizations that need a consistent look and feel for their brand, book a group session. This is a great add on to a leadership team day!